Do you how many French households had electricity in 1920? Or the number of workers needed to operate the great Sulzer-BBC machine? Immerse yourself in the unbelievable story of the electrical 20th century.

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From the first public appearance of electricity in 1881, to the International Electricity Exhibition in Paris, to the incandescent bulb developed by Edison and the arrival of household electrical goods, this space relates how electricity has accompanied major evolutions of society over the 20th century.

Be amazed by the multimedia spectacle showing the imposing Sulzer-BBC machine, check out the technology garden, and let your children enjoy the play areas.

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The revolution of everyday objects

Tie presses, washing machines, Art Nouveau radiators, or colourful plastic record players from the 1970s: travel back in time through a collection that is unique in Europe.


Family visits

Throughout the year, the Electropolis Museum offers specially tailored events and services for families