Permanent exhibition

The museum's unique organisation and extensive collection of objects tell the story of electricity. The adventure begins in ancient times…

Discover the past !

Electricity from Antiquity to the 19th century

This is the place to discover centuries of exploration, theories and inventions, up to the appearance of the electricity fairy.

Discover the past !

20th century, electrical century: the revolution in industry and the domestic comfort

Do you how many French households had electricity in 1920? Or the number of workers needed to operate the great Sulzer-BBC machine? Immerse yourself in the unbelievable story of the electrical 20th century.


An electrical future

Dive into the 21st century with a new area of 350 m² entirely dedicated to innovation and the energy and digital transition. Come and discover it from 15th November.


The energy garden

An educational and fun course.


Discover a collection unlike any other in Europe featuring a wide variety of objects, posters, and works that re-tell the history of electricity.

The revolution of everyday objects
Tie presses, washing machines, Art Nouveau radiators, or colorful
plastic record players from the 1970s: travel back in time through
a collection that is unique in Europe.

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The great Sulzer-BBC machine
The jewel of the Electropolis Museum's collection: come and admire
the great Sulzer-BBC machine, maintained every day just as it was
in the first half of the 20th century.

Discover the jewel of the collection

The 20th century, electrical century in posters
The museum has a collection of over 500 posters about electricity.
Most are advertising posters, but there are also educational ones.

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The documentation center
Devoted to works and periodicals on electricity and energies
since the 18th century, the Electropolis Museum's documentation
centre boasts Franche's richest collection in this domain.

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Scientific, technical and industrial heritage
The museum's collection includes many scientific devices and instruments:
measurement and experiment equipment in the electrical domain.

Discover the collection

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