The museum is enriched with a new educational and fun trail around production methods and new uses of electricity: the Energy Garden.

The 12,000 m2 course is intended as much an exhibition space as a place to live. Let yourself be surprised by the magic of digital, the gigantism of machines and the smart city.

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About fifteen machines - including a gigantic rotor almost 10 meters long weighing 144 tons - illustrate the diversity and richness of the industrial heritage of electricity.

Especially for 8-12 year olds: an interactive game “The awakening of sleeping machines” to control energy, while respecting the planet.

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The revolution of everyday objects

Tie presses, washing machines, Art Nouveau radiators, or colourful plastic record players from the 1970s: travel back in time through a collection that is unique in Europe.


Family visits

Throughout the year, the Electropolis Museum offers specially tailored events and services for families