Devoted to works and periodicals on electricity and energies since the 18th century, the Electropolis Museum’s documentation centre boasts France’s richest collection in this domain, with no less than 9,500 volumes on electricity, science and technologies.

The oldest work, “De re metallica”, dates back to 1556, and is the first treatise on metallurgy and mineralogy. The collection also contains the first treatises on electricity, which came out in the 18th century, and original editions of some of the most influential discoveries in the field of electricity.

The documentation centre also contains specialist scientific periodicals and an iconographic collection of numerous 19th-century engravings, photographs, posters, advertising blotters, etc.

Researchers and students can consult the documents by appointment. Tel. +33 03 89 32 48 50

A static electricity experiment, engraving- 1764

Front page of a catalogue "Heilmann-Ducommun Company" - 1883

The reign of electricity, Gaston Bonnefont - 1895

Electricity through the image, Georges Buscher - 1936

Magazine Hello Philippine - March 1957

Science and Life - January 1927

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