Presentation and history

A visit to the Electropolis Museum is an immersion in the great adventure of electricity. Electricity has always been at the heart of the sciences and technologies of the past and present. It revolutionised industry and society in the 20th century, and still accompanies the transformations of the 21st-century.

Museum located in Mulhouse, the European capital of technical, scientific and industrial museums, it takes visitors through the great saga of electricity.  Explore centuries of discoveries, theories and inventions, right up to how electricity is used today in the electrical modern world!

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A bit of history

The Electropolis Museum is above all the history of a century-old machine. The history of a metal monster in steel and copper, which provided electricity to a spinning mill in Mulhouse until the mid-20th century. Bearing witness to Mulhouse’s industrial heritage, the Sulzer-BBC machine constructed in 1901 was saved from destruction in the 1980s by a group of enthusiasts who worked to create the Electropolis Museum.


Enthusiasts worked to save the Sulzer-BBC machine, which came from Mulhouse’s DMC mill


The association for the museum of electrical energy was founded


Construction works for the museum began


First opening to the public and presentation of the restored Sulzer-BBC machine


Inauguration of the museum on 3 October


The museum reopened to the public after renovation works


Modernisation of the museum experience and new space devoted to innovation (end of year)


Opening of the energy garden

  • 12000

    The number of objects in the museum’s collection, 1000 of which are on show.


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